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Eccles Fangirl.

I really, really, really, really, really love Chris Eccleston and would love if God arranged for me to meet him. Thanks xx

A Tribute to Mr Eccleston :D

So yeah it's my favourite actor's birthday tomorrow so I decided to make a lil video dedication to the wonder that is Chris Eccleston :D

Enjoy :)

Jude~My Skin: A Fan Video

This is a fanvid of the film 'Jude' starring Christopher Eccleston & Kate Winslet. I love the film so much and I thought this song would really fit it:
My Skin By Natalie Merchant

Title: When You Love Someone
Author: Liz
Pairing:  Nine & Rose
Notes/Disclaimer:  Clips provided by Arabian & Effulgent Girl. This is a vid showing how Nine loved Rose first. From Nine's POV :) Song by Bryan Adams.

9th Doctor & Rose: When You Love Someone - BabyBint

9th Doctor & Rose: When You Love Someone - BabyBint

Nine/Chris Eccleston PicSpam!

So I got a new DW layout, made by photoshopranger :) Pretty awesome and celebrates Ten so yay! I really wanted a Nine one but couldn't find any but I love this :D

And because I love Nine/Chris Eccleston so god damn much, I'm gonna post a lil' pic spam :)

This is focused on Chris's role as the Doctor so there won't be much of Chris outside the Nine role but I'll save that for another spam :D  Click on the word 'Fantastic' to see the pics :D I messed up the LJ link somehow.
Fantastic!Collapse )Fantastic!Collapse )</div>

Icons III (Neighbours)

Third Set:
Neighbours Related:

NF guys will have seen these before :) Most of them anyway :)

Icons II (House)

The second part. Feel free to snag but please don't claim these as your own.
Credit would be nice but it's not necessary.
House Icons for this bit


So I realise again I've not updated in weeks. Bad girl! Maybe it's cause I just dont have a lot of news or can't be assed. Take ya pick dudes. Anyways apologies for the last entry which turned into a bit of a nightmare rant. I was so pissed then and it's funny cause now I can't really work out why I let myself get that angry over minor things. Meh.

Anyway I've got some icons which I've found in my Photobucket acccount and they're pretty old. Thought I'd post em here cause am cleaning out my account to make way for some new stuff in it. It's a pretty varied collection of different shows and things I used to be into.  This post is public just so others can see em.

Keep On Movin'

As you can see I've finally decided to get myself a paid LJ account. I don't know why I didn't before as it looks so much better without all the annoying adverts and I also want to make a fresh start. The nurseliz account looked a mess and I wasn't really using it despite my promises.  There have also been a few hackers onto my account which I really didn't want, I know the people who were doing it but still better to be safe then sorry.

Okay this entry will be made public but like  everything else will be Friends Only.  As usual comment to be added. Usual friends will be added straight away but for others, say who you are and why you want to be added just so I know and don't get the hackers back :) xxx

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